Seeking a Grant

Who's Eligible?

Plymouth Congregational Church Foundation awards grants twice annually to provide a needed catalyst for significant ministries, projects or programs endorsed or sanctioned and requested by an official board or committee of the Church. Grants are funded for one year unless otherwise noted in the initial grant application. Renewed funding is not automatic.

How to Apply

Grant applications must be submitted in writing—or by using the Grant Application Guide—to the Foundation by April 1 or October 1. See the schedule below. All information regarding grant requests must be channeled through and processed by the Grant Committee, not directed to individual board members.


Grant applications must be signed by a Plymouth Church board or committee chairperson and must include the following information:

  1. purpose of request, who will be served, and desired outcomes/anticipated results
  2. grant request amount, total itemized expense budget, and other income sources
  3. timetable for use of funds.


A final report evaluating outcomes/results must be submitted to the Foundation within 90 days of the grant funds having been spent. Unused funds must be returned to the Foundation.


Annually, funds available for grants are calculated at 3-1/2% of the “Distribution Base,” a three-year average of the Foundation’s current assets.


When to Apply

Request due Foundation decision Award date
April 1 Fourth Wednesday of April May 1
October 1 Fourth Wednesday of October November 1


For more information, contact Foundation President, Mary Ann Beard (

Application Form Previous Grants

Foundation grants helped breathe life into Stephen Ministries and Stepping Stones programs. Grants helped fund a fire and safety detection system for the sanctuary, restoration of Plymouth’s landmark bell tower, summer intern programs, Faith Forward and “God is Still Speaking” campaigns and more. Following is a partial list of grants awarded to provide needed catalysts for other projects, programs and ministries at Plymouth.


Arts @ Plymouth
Building on Faith (Habitat)
Choir robes
New Day Campaign

Faith for Tomorrow Campaign
Gallery construction
Gospel of Mark program
Greenwood Kitchen remodel
150th Anniversary Celebration
History Wall
Investing in Ministry campaign
Irrigation system
Lenten Scholar program
Memorial Garden
Organ fund
Plymouth Consort
Property acquisition fund
Sound system for Waveland Hall

Plymouth Grounds start-up funding

Hearing Loop for Greenwood and Waveland
Spiritual Growth Center remodel
Stained glass design
Stair lift
Van and vehicle purchases
White chapel bells
Wrought iron fence

And this website!


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