‘Stepping Stones grant starts life-changing ministry’

“To give people the tools to “do church” every night in every home, the Plymouth Church Council voted to invest time, energy and resources in a ‘Stepping Stones’ program. A Foundation grant awarded monies to send three Church members for training on the how’s and why’s of the program.

“The trio then was able to present information to the wider Church, lead Stepping Stones events, recruit lay leadership, and give the program the foundation it needed for a very successful start.

“Thanks to the Foundation grant, Stepping Stones is growing and flourishing, becoming a part of the fabric of Plymouth.

“Thank you for your support in starting up a life-changing ministry.”

—Angie Witmer, former Minister to Young Adults and Youth

‘Your gifts have given us tools to offer worshipers the very best we can.’

“Thanks to a Foundation grant, all of the Plymouth choirs received new robes. It is exciting to see the youngest in Kinder Choir and the eldest in Chancel Choir all wearing the same colored/textured robes. They symbolize we are one voice in the Church.

“Matins and Chancel singers have been thrilled. Not just because the robes are new (gone are frayed edges, dirty collars and broken zippers), but also because the robes validate their years of service as worship leaders.

“Thank you for enriching our ministry so we may better serve God and the people of Plymouth Church.”

—Sharon Parker-Lenihan, Director of Adult Music and Fine Arts




Programming for Children & Youth Registration & Handbook

Rev. Dr. Stephen G. Ray, President of Chicago Theological Seminary, observed from Plymouth’s pulpit last winter that he could tell our church was alive because we are rich with the most precious resource a church could have: children and youth. Engaging our young people with age-appropriate ways to learn, serve, and grow is the goal... Read More

Hitting a Little Close to Home: The Story of Cain

  Sometimes the Scriptures hit a little close to home. As we struggle with the aftermath of multiple mass shootings in this country—as we grieve and grapple with the horror—our summer sermon series invites us to consider the story of Cain. Genesis 4:1-17 Now the man knew his wife Eve, and she conceived and bore... Read More

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