Vacation Bible School 2021: Compassion Camp

Welcome to Compassion Camp!

Compassion Camp begins on July 26 and is fully virtual, so you can enjoy VBS whenever it works for best your family! On this webpage, you’ll find a downloadable PDF copy of the Family Guide as well as access to the videos for each day of VBS.

What can you expect to watch? Each day includes:

  • Gathering with Pastor Rushing
  • Songs of the Day
  • Bible Story
  • Compassion Camp Skit
  • Movement with Caitlin and Maddie
  • Sending with Pastor Rushing
  • Crafts


The publisher of Compassion Camp asks the link to this page is not to be shared publicly. If you have friends who would like to participate in VBS, please do not share the link. Ask them to email ( or text (515.201.5072) and we will get them registered.

Videos links will be available below by Monday, July 26.

Download the Activity Guide!

Day 1

Takeaway: Compassion Jumps into Action

Today’s Song: The Jumping Song

Sending Song: The Lovingkindness Song

Craft: Compassion Collage Placemat

Activity: Feelings & Emotions and Emotion Wheel

Day 2

Takeaway: Compassion Helps Me Thrive

Today’s Song: Loved, I Am Loved

Sending Song: The Lovingkindness Song

Craft: Rainbow Breath Tube

Activity: Self-Care Bingo

Day 3

Takeaway: Compassion Crosses Barriers

Today’s Song: Build a Bridge

Sending Song: The Lovingkindness Song

Craft: Painted Picture frame

Activity: Compassion Spinner

Day 4

Takeaway: Compassion Sees the Big Picture

Today’s Song: All of Us

Sending Song: The Lovingkindness Song

Craft: Stained Glass World

Activity:  Painted Rock!