Church Council

2019-2020 Plymouth Church Council


Moderator: Sally Pederson
Moderator-Elect: David Johnson
Secretary: Linda Knodle

Benevolences: Irene Hardisty, Chair
Christian Education: Jon Merkle, Chair; Jason Dreckman, Vice Chair
Christian Social Action: Jon Reinders, Chair; Elizabeth Talbert, Vice Chair
Christian Stewardship: Pam Duffy, Chair
Deacons: Jodi Gruening, Senior Deacon; Sid Ramsey, Junior Deacon
Membership: Terri Sterk, Chair
Music & Fine Arts: Judy Diedrichs, Chair; Wendy Bellus, Vice Chair
Spiritual Growth: Linda Knodle, Chair; Linda Knodle, Vice Chair
Trustees: Franklin Codel, Chair
Member-at-Large: Roscoe Morton
Plymouth Foundation: Mary Ann Beard
Willits GLBT Committee: Dan Warren
Plymouth Women:
Stephen Ministries: Bev Burns


News Digest for June 4

  When the foundations are being shaken…what are we to do? We are living in tumultuous days: newly urgent calls for racial justice, a global pandemic, economic uncertainty. And it can feel so overwhelming. But there is one thing that we can and will do at Plymouth Church this summer: we will take these days... Read More

A Pastoral Response to the Events of the Past Week

  Dear People of God at Plymouth,   Your pastors have been holding you and our whole community in especially deep prayer over the last week. Our nation rages and grieves as we have been forced once again to confront our original sin of racism.   Last week an unarmed black man named George Floyd... Read More

DM Register Op-Ed: The conversation about faith we should be having (instead of the one about reopening)

Did you see Matt Mardis-LeCroy’s op-ed in the Monday, June 1 Des Moines Register? Read it here.    ... Read More

Plymouth Goes Solar

Plymouth Church is looking on the sunny side. Solar panels may be installed in the coming months on the south-facing roof that overlooks the driveway between our church and St. Augustin’s Catholic Church. This solar array is a landmark in our church-wide effort to live more sustainably and protect God’s creation. As heard from the... Read More

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