Church Council

2018-2019 Plymouth Church Council


Moderator: Mark Rosenbury
Moderator-Elect: Pam Kenyon
Secretary: Linda Knodle

Benevolences: Chris Woods, Chair; Irene Hardisty, Vice Chair
Christian Education: Deb Ledesma, Chair; Jon Merkle, Vice Chair
Christian Social Action: Kerry Gumm, Chair
Christian Stewardship: Beth Stelle Jones, Chair
Deacons: Fred Dorr, Senior Deacon; Jodi Gruening, Junior Deacon
Membership: Roger Fitzgerald, Chair; Nancy Landess, Vice Chair
Music & Fine Arts: Kirk Johnson, Chair; Judy Diedrichs, Vice Chair
Spiritual Growth: John Childers, Chair; Linda Knodle, Vice Chair
Trustees: Cheryl Morton, Chair
Member-at-Large: Mary Riche
Plymouth Foundation: Gail Stubbs
Willits GLBT Committee: Dan Warren
Plymouth Women: Annette Weeber, President
Stephen Ministries: Bev Burns


A Course on Friendship

Today we unveil the syllabus for A Course on Friendship, an adult education class that Matt Mardis-LeCroy will be offering on Wednesdays over the lunch hour.  Plan on joining him -and plan on bringing a friend!... Read More

Programming for Children & Youth Registration & Handbook

Rev. Dr. Stephen G. Ray, President of Chicago Theological Seminary, observed from Plymouth’s pulpit last winter that he could tell our church was alive because we are rich with the most precious resource a church could have: children and youth. Engaging our young people with age-appropriate ways to learn, serve, and grow is the goal... Read More

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