Church Council

2018-2019 Plymouth Church Council


Moderator: Mark Rosenbury
Moderator-Elect: Pam Kenyon
Secretary: Linda Knodle

Benevolences: Chris Woods, Chair; Irene Hardisty, Vice Chair
Christian Education: Deb Ledesma, Chair; Jon Merkle, Vice Chair
Christian Social Action: Kerry Gumm, Chair
Christian Stewardship: Beth Stelle Jones, Chair
Deacons: Fred Dorr, Senior Deacon; Jodi Gruening, Junior Deacon
Membership: Roger Fitzgerald, Chair; Nancy Landess, Vice Chair
Music & Fine Arts: Kirk Johnson, Chair; Judy Diedrichs, Vice Chair
Spiritual Growth: John Childers, Chair; Linda Knodle, Vice Chair
Trustees: Cheryl Morton, Chair
Member-at-Large: Mary Riche
Plymouth Foundation: Gail Stubbs
Willits GLBT Committee: Dan Warren
Plymouth Women: Annette Weeber, President
Stephen Ministries: Bev Burns


The Preaching of Paul and a Punk Rock Song: Acts 13 and 14

  This week’s Scripture reading reminds me of a punk rock song. No, seriously. Belfast’s own Stiff Little Fingers has a song called “Nobody’s Hero.” It’s a (loud, angry) reminder that human beings have a habit of trusting too much in mere mortals. But the thing is: you don’t need a punk rock song to... Read More

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