Strategic Initiatives

An outgrowth of the “season of discernment” in 2010 that affirmed our core values, we have also made a commitment to engaging four strategic initiatives as a congregation. Each initiative has been developed with detailed goal statements and responsibilities. Here they are in brief summary.

Small Groups

Through our self-study we discovered a heartfelt desire for deeper relationships with one another and with God. We envision a church in which every person has the opportunity to connect to others, engage in mission, and grow in faith by belonging to an intentional small group. By offering resources and support to foster a significant small group experience, Plymouth will provide a place where people can belong.


Our relationship to our possessions is one of the most challenging spiritual issues of our lives. We envision a church in which every member, family and participant understands and embraces the joyful responsibility of sharing our gifts. By grounding our giving in the recognition of God’s abundant grace, we will create a culture of extravagant and joyful generosity.


It is a challenge for all of us to talk about our faith with passion and clarity. We envision a church in which every member is encouraged and equipped to share the good news about God’s work in our midst. The people of Plymouth will be empowered to carry our distinctive message beyond the walls of the church, letting our light shine and drawing new people into our community.

Families with Children

The success of Stepping Stones has whetted our appetite for faith practices, particularly worship, in which families can engage together. We envision a church in which children are cherished: nurtured in faith, encouraged to share their gifts and integrated into the life of the congregation. Plymouth will enable parents to practice their faith with their children and will welcome children’s contribution to the life of the church.


Applications Available for Plymouth Women’s Scholarship

The Plymouth Women Scholarships are awarded once a year to two or more college students who are preparing for a career in service such as seminary, social work, education, medicine, etc. Applicants must be a junior, senior or graduate student in a college or university. Plymouth members are given preference, but any qualified person may... Read More

40 Days of Lent for Folks Over 50

Meaning Matters in the Second Stage of Life If you have reached the age of 50, you know that something happens. And that something is more than just receiving an invitation to join AARP. Something happens inside and you begin asking big and deep questions, like “What does it all mean, anyway?” Lent is a... Read More

Renewing our Covenant: We Agree to Differ

  Plymouth Church: It is time to talk about Lent. Lent is a season of 40 days (excluding Sundays) to prepare for Easter. It is traditionally a time for fasting, repentance and self-examination. The 40 day period begins with Ash Wednesday on March 6. (Sidebar: Join us for Ash Wednesday worship at Plymouth! There is... Read More

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