Pre-K to 8th Grade Choirs

The Children’s Music Program at Plymouth Church is an important opportunity in the lives of our children. The children’s music program seeks to provide age-appropriate music education in a Christian environment for Pre-K through 8th grade. The children are exposed to a variety of musical experiences, including choir training, which focuses on teaching the children how to sing and sight-read music. The abilities to sing and read music are precious gifts that our children can enjoy and use and enjoy for their entire lives.

Experience with music at this age is very important and can foster a life-long love of music. In addition to music education, this is an important time to teach our children about the church: its structure, symbolism, worship, liturgy, and music. We highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to give a priceless gift to your children for the sake of their future.

Our children’s choirs seek to:

  • Teach children about our faith through musical experiences.
  • Brighten the lives of others by sharing our children’s musical gifts.
  • Help each child feel good about himself or herself.
  • Help each child become part of a caring group.
  • Help each child have fun through musical endeavors.
  • Build a solid foundation in the art and discipline of music.