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I’m really pleased to have my work back at Plymouth. I was originally going to hang paintings from my “Paper Airplane” series, but with a switch to an online show, I couldn’t pass up a chance to express my gratitude to all the Plymouth members who have helped make my work possible, by being models. I knew there were a lot of folks to thank, but when I went through my files, I ended up with more images than the size of the show. So I’ll start off by saying there are a lot of folks I couldn’t get to, but I’m none-the-less thankful for your role in helping me make my work come to life. There are also a couple folks whom I know well by your faces (at least your younger faces), but don’t remember your names. Please forgive me and let me know your name at

Some of the paintings are from picture books I illustrated, like The Littlest Angel, by Charles Tazewell and The Memory Box, She Taught Me To Eat Artichokes and Rhythm of the Seasons, by my friend Mary Kay Shanley. Several paintings were commissioned for covers and posters for a collection of Newbury Award winning books for young adults. I ended up doing 30 of those paintings. Those books were absolutely staggeringly powerful to me and an honor to try to live up to visually. The wonderful Plymouth models were so important to this process. There’s also a mural for the Greenwood School Library, commissioned by the Hubbell family. 

And there’s a portrait of our friend and decades-long Plymouth volunteer and photographer of church life and especially of the Matins program, Joe Reid. I appreciate this opportunity to be reminded of you all, your families and those of us we miss like Joe; our long-time friend and pastor, Wayne Shoemaker; the embodiment of a beautiful voice and spirit, Marylynn Bennick; and Dr. Charlotte Fisk, with her never flagging bedside manner. 

I hope you make a visit to my websites and to see more paintings and our music videos that have many paintings woven through them.

Click on an image to enlarge it and control the speed of the scroll on your own!

Again, I’m very grateful to all of you who were models.

All images © Paul Micich

01 The Littlest Angel, Author: Charles Tazwell – The Angel Choir

Wanda Everage, Brandon Jones, Moto, Wayne Shoemaker, Jolyn Thomas, Marylynn Bennick, Doug, Ari Micich, Megan Pope

02 The Littlest Angel : The Understanding Angel

Charlotte Fisk, Ari Micich

03 The Littlest Angel Flying

Alyssa Ashby, Jolyon Thomas

04 The Littlest Angel Gifts

Marylynn Bennick, Ari Micich, Megan Pope, Tomo & Moto(exchange students) Wayne Shoemaker, Emily Truesdell, Jolyon Thomas, Brandon Jones, Emily Willits. Alyssa Ashby

05 Where the Red Fern Grows, Author: Wilson Rawls

Chris Kroon

06 A Christmas Carol, Author Charles Dickens, Guthrie Theatre

Wayne Shoemaker

07 The Memory Box 01, Author: Mary Kay Shanley

Francis Miller and Kate Walker

08 The Memory Box 02 

Wayne Shoemaker

O9 The Memory Box 03

Francis Miller and Kate Walker

10 The Memory Box 04

Francis Miller, Julie Wiemann and Kate Walker

11 The Light in the Forest, Author: Conrad Richter

John Lozier

12 In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson, Author: Bette Bao Lord

13 Plymouth Rocks T-Shirt

Nardi Jones, Bryce Jones, Emily Truesdell

14 Plymouth Rolls T-Shirt

Dr. Charlotte Fisk

15 The Talking Earth, Author: Jean Craighead George

Neely Ricehill

16 Greenwood School Library Mural

We not exactly sure, but we know multiple Plymouth children were at Greenwood School

17 Harpo, Kansas City Symphony

Anita Micich

18 SOUP, Author: Robert Newton Peck

Tim McCullum

19 Tuck Everlasting, Author: Natalie Babbitt

Steve VanTyl

20 She Taught Me to Eat Artichokes, Author: Mary Kay Shanley

Gretchen Johnson and Marianne Rennebohm

21 Food Is Everybody’s Business, Iowa Public Television, Market to Market

Mark Haverland from his earlier farm days & anonymous Holstein

22 Hatchet, Author: Gary Paulsen

Bryce Jones

23 Joe Reid Portrait

24 The Memory Box, Author: Mary Kay Shanley

The Walker Family PLUS 

25 Queeny Peavey, Author: Robert Burch

Kate Curnes, Emily Foster, Brandon Jones and Jolyon Thomas

26 Huckleberry Finn, Author: Mark Twain

Aaron Ashby

27 Someone Was Watching, Author: David Patneaude

Terrin Ricehill and Lucas Forte

28 The Pinballs, Author: Betsy Byars

John Walker and John Welch

29 Rhythm of the Seasons, Author: Mary Kay Shanley

Ari Micich and his friendly cat, Bingo

30n Portrait of Joe Reid