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Kim Dawson

“Visual movement, color and energetic flow is what I most love about being a fluid acrylic artist. By combining artistry with being a Reiki Master, each unique piece has an energy of its own, and is intuitively created with the intent of good health, happiness, inner peace and abundance to those who own or view my work.  My goal is using Reiki to create artwork with intention, but my hope is for my artwork to bring peace and joy to others.”

Kim Dawson is an Iowa native currently living near Des Moines.  She grew up in the farming community of Arispe, Iowa, and as a young girl, very much enjoyed playing the piano and sketching.  She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa, and worked in the interior design and mortgage industries until a few years ago.

Although Kim has always had an appreciation for the fine arts, and took art history and drafting classes in college, she never took formal drawing or painting classes.   She is a self-taught abstract fluid artist, a Reiki Master, an intuitive empath, poet, Mom, and Spiritual person.  She started painting as a form of self-expression after a series of medical trauma, and found it to significantly help her in many ways.

“Painting added balance and healing to my life physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. It took me decades to recognize myself as an artist. I only hope the images I create bring as much peace and happiness to others, as they do to me while creating them.”

You can click on an individual piece of art to enlarge the photo and stop the rotation.

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